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I wish to announce that I will be retiring from my landscape design/build practice at the end of the 2015 season. I loved working with so many wonderful families in the last 15 years, and want to thank them for allowing our team into their lives and gardens. 

I also want to thank my students who so richly contributed to my Landscape Design Professional Practice course over the last 15 years.  Those who didn't have the benefit of the course will find it in its entirety in my just published textbook:

The Thriving Landscape Designer
       A Practice Guide to Client Management.
      Marketing and Profitability

The book can be sampled and purchased from:

To those colleagues who wish to get in touch with my wonderful crew leaders, who continue to be in practive, please send me an email, I will be happy to connect you.

All best,


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Catherine B. Wiersema, APLD
Certified Landscape Designer
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